Flexible Office Space: 7 Things to Look for When Renting Office Space Locations

If you are looking to rent office space monthly, Xtra Space have a range of commercial office spaces available.

Renting an office is an ever-increasing option for businesses with the demand for flexible office space increasing significantly since the pandemic. It’s a great alternative for working from home, or for small businesses that don’t require a large amount of space. It can also be used as a coworking space.

Before diving into renting an office, there are a few things that should be considered. We’ve compiled a list to help you with your decision below.

Choosing your commercial office space rental location

When renting an office, location is one of the most important things to think about. Now more than ever, individuals and businesses alike are placing a stronger emphasis on work life balance and people are placing a higher priority on their time. So, it isn’t surprising to see that when looking for flexible office space the Google search ‘flexible office space near me’ is one of the top searches.

Of course, each person’s reason for choosing where their office space location is based will be different, but it’s an important point to factor in regardless. Is it easy for you to get to every day? Will your clients be able to find it easily? How far from the city centre is ideal for you? Are there many public transport links? Thinking about these things will be worth it; your office could be perfect, but if the location isn’t ideal, it may cost you more in time and money in the long run.

Xtra Space is located less than a 15-minute drive from Belfast City Centre making it an ideal office space location. Close enough to the City Centre that you can drive or commute in and out of it, but far enough away from it that you will be able to avoid any congestion and traffic during the busier times of the day. For those that use public transport to commute there is a bus stop within easy walking distance from Xtra Space that goes straight to Belfast City Hall.

Renting office space with convenient parking

Easy and free parking is often hard to come by, especially in locations near the city centre. Figuring out the parking situation at your potential new office could certainly make things easier for you. The two main things to look out for here are:

  1. Is there plenty of parking available here?
  2. Is it free?

If there’s limited parking, you may need to give yourself some extra time in the mornings (but why would we give up an extra 10 minutes in bed if we can avoid it?). Ideal parking will make the experience in your office space a more pleasant one.

At Xtra Space we have free parking for all customers and staff so you can avoid the costs associated with having an office located in Belfast City Centre where parking spaces are limited and add considerable cost, with parking costing up to £750 every year. With the cost of living rising, this could be one way to save money.

How much does it cost to rent out an office space in Belfast City Centre?

The size of the office space you require and what you would like included in your office space design will determine how much your space will cost you monthly.

It may be obvious, but the size of your potential new workspace is an important factor to consider and easy to look past. Don’t hesitate to take your own measurements if you decide to view some offices beforehand. If you’re bringing your own furniture, ensure it fits nicely with plenty of room to spare.

Keep in mind you may want to expand at some point; will this office space allow for additional staff?

Do you need a space that is suitable for meeting customers or suppliers? Working out how much space you really need means it’s less likely you’ll have to move offices again in the future.

Flexible Office Design: What’s included

If you’ve been quoted for flexible office space, it’s good to know what’s included in the price. Different office complexes will include different things. This could include anything from Wi-Fi and building rates to furniture. Figure out what’s most important to you, or perhaps what makes an office space worth it. It’s a good idea to spend some time finding an office that offers everything you need, rather than rushing into something that won’t suit long-term.

At Xtra Space, our offices offer you a sleek, modern, and professional place to run your business or bring your clients whether you’re a start-up business or a multinational company. Each office is fully equipped with quality office furniture and amenities including high speed internet, Wi-Fi, thermostatically controlled heating, and secure access.

Your monthly fee is all-inclusive including electricity, business rates, heat and internet giving you the peace of mind that allows you to get on with running your business.

Considering the local amenities when picking a rented office space

Okay, so the office you’ve found is perfect. But what about the local amenities in the area? It’s a good idea to check out the neighbourhood before you decide to commit. Having access to things like cafes, restaurants, meeting places or service stations could be the decider between a good office and a great office. Having the option to go somewhere for a quick bite to eat with clients or work colleagues can make a good impression!

Maybe you like to walk as you talk to get your daily steps up, having somewhere safe to take a meeting or phone call outside can help break up the working day!

Flexible Office Space Rental Agreements

When considering renting an office space, don’t forget to enquire about the finer details. Asking about the rental agreement and discussing the fine print means you’ll not be hit with any surprises down the line. Read over the T’s & C’s and ask questions if there’s something you’re not sure about.

What can often attract someone to an office space is knowing that they’ll not be tied down to a contract long-term (because things can change last minute).

A flexible rental contract is often preferable; and with many industries and markets unpredictable right now, with the cost of living increasing, flexibility is key. With Xtra Space, office space rental is fully flexible with only a one-month commitment required at a time.

On-site storage to go with your office rental space 

This may not be something you’ll initially think of when seeking a flexible office space but renting an office where there’s also storage available on site may be a surprising benefit. Whether your business involves lots of stock or you simply want to keep your workspace clutter-free, having a storage unit in the same vicinity could be a huge advantage.

When enquiring about your new office space, it’s worth asking it this is something the facility also offers.

At Xtra Space, customers renting office space can avail of discounted business storage space! Whether your business needs additional space for document storage or archiving, stock storage, surplus office furniture storage or if you are running an e-commerce business, we will have the storage space you need.

Finding the perfect office space for your business can take time. At Xtra Space our suggestion to you, is to do the research, write out a list of features your office must have. When viewing a new office space draw up a pros and cons list.

Have a few questions ready and ask them if they aren’t covered throughout the initial viewing of the office space.

A comfortable workspace is essential for your own success, and the importance of these finer details shouldn’t be overlooked. Taking your time with your decision will result in a positive experience.

If you are wondering how to rent flexible office space close to Belfast City Centre, get in contact with Xtra Space today and we can arrange a viewing appointment to show you the commercial office spaces we have available!

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