Xtra Space Belfast: Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Packaging Solutions

At Xtra Space, we recognise the paramount importance of ensuring the safety and security of your possessions, whether in storage or in transit. That’s where our in-house packaging shop comes in! Whether you’re a valued storage customer or simply seeking high quality packaging materials, our shop stands ready to cater for your every requirement.  In this blog post, we will guide you through our extensive array of products available to purchase in-store at Xtra Space.

Xtra Space - Box & Packaging Shop

A comprehensive Range of Packaging Solutions

Our Box Shop operates during regular store hours and is accessible to everyone, irrespective of whether you are a storage customer. Below, we outline the essentials from our diverse collection:

Medium Boxes

Versatile, sturdy cardboard boxes, ideal for a wide range of items. They are reliable, stackable, and measure 330 x 300 x 450mm.

Medium Box

Large Boxes

Perfect for accommodating larger or bulkier items, ensuring their safety and organisation. They are stackable and measure 450 x 450 x 500mm.

Large Box

Tall Boxes

Designed for exceptionally long or tall items, such as sports equipment, lamps or ornaments. They are stackable and measure 450 x 450 x 750mm.

tall self pak box e1698070926629 - xtra space self storage

Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes come equipped with a rail, allowing you to keep your clothing items crease-free during transit or storage. They measure 500 x 450 x 1000mm.

wardrobe box

File-Away Archive Boxes

Safely store your vital documents and files with our archive boxes. They are stackable and measure 405 x 330 x 320mm.

File Away Archive Box

Utility Scissors

Essential tools for precision cutting of tape, shrink wrap, or any packaging materials.

Utility Scissors

Packaging Tape

Robust and dependable tape to securely seal your boxes.

Packaging Tape


Guarantee the security of your storage unit with our high-quality padlocks, available in keyed or combination options.

Padlocksthumbnail image011 - xtra space self storage


Shield fragile items with cushioning and padding, provided in 22L bags of polystyrene packing peanuts.


Snap-off Blade Knife

A convenient tool for opening packages or cutting materials.

snap off blade knife

Black Marker Pen

Keep track of your boxes and their contents with our durable black marker pens.

Black Marker Pen

Tape Dispenser

Facilitates swift and efficient application of packaging tape, with two rolls included.

tape dispenser


Ensure the safety of your hands during material handling or packing/unpacking. They provide extra grip without marking furniture or boxes.

Grip Gloves

5m Tape Measure

Guarantee that your items fit perfectly into boxes or storage units.

Tape Measure

Bubble Wrap

Safeguard delicate items from shocks and bumps with your choice of small or large bubble wrap rolls.

Bubble Wrap

Shrink Wrap

Securely wrap and protect your belongings for safe storage or transit. Small or large shrink wrap options available.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap Dispenser

Simplify the application of shrink wrap with our user-friendly shrink wrap dispenser.

Shrink Wrap Dispenser

Clear Plastic Boxes

Ideal for items you want to view without opening the box, available in 35L or 80L options.

35 and 80ltr plastic crate e1698071938662 - xtra space self storage

Dust Covers

Shield mattresses, chairs and sofas from dust and dirt with our durable dust covers.

Dust Cover

Foam Corners

Prevent damage to delicate corners during transportation or storage with our foam corner protectors, perfect for frames or mirrors and sold in packs of 4.

Foam Corner Protectors


At Xtra Space, we are not solely your trusted self-storage provider in Belfast; we are also your premier destination for superior packaging solutions. Be it boxes, tape or any other packaging materials, we have all your needs covered. Pay a visit to our Box Shop at 3 Alexander Road Belfast during our standard opening hours to view and purchase whatever items you require.

Allow us to assist you in safeguarding your possessions with precision and care. Your storage and package requirements take precedence, and we are here to ensure a hassle-free and convenient experience for you.

The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

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