Box & Packaging Shop

Our box shop sells a wide range of boxes and packaging to help make sure your goods are carefully packaged and protected while being transported or in storage.

Our box shop is open during normal store hours. You don’t need to store with us to buy from our box shop.

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  • £3.00

    330 x 300 x 450mm Premium Medium self storage cardboard box ideal for keeping smaller bits and bobs in one place. Suitable for stacking.

  • £4.20

    450 x 450 x 500mm Premium cardboard box ideal for larger items such as books and toys. Suitable for stacking.

  • £5.40

    450 x 450 x 750mm Premium cardboard box ideal for taller or longer items, such as sports equipment, lamps and ornaments. Suitable for stacking.

  • £10.00

    500 x 450 x 1000mm Premium cardboard box with rail, perfect for keeping clothes wrinkle-free for the time they’re being stored.

  • £4.00

    405 x 330 x 320mm Archive Box and lid, ideal for files and paperwork. Suitable for stacking.

  • £5.50

    Heavy-duty scissors that’ll assist with packing up and unpacking your belongings.

  • £1.85

    Quality packaging tape to keep your boxes tightly secured.

  • £7.90

    40mm laminated steel padlock to securely lock your unit. 2 keys included.

  • £9.90

    50mm laminated steel padlock to securely lock your unit. 2 keys included.

  • £13.90

    50mm brass combination lock; securely lock your unit with your own unique 4-digit code.

  • £4.60

    Loosefill – 22Lt bag Polystyrene packing peanuts to protect your more fragile belongings against breakages.

  • £1.85

    Snap-Off Blade Knife : Easy to use safety knife, ideal for packing and unpacking tasks.

  • £1.85

    Permanent Black Marker – essential for keeping your boxes organised.

  • £8.45

    Tape dispenser to assist with the application of tape to boxes. Includes two rolls of tape.

  • £4.40

    White cotton gloves, provide extra grip without marking when lifting furniture and boxes.

  • £4.40

    5m Tape Measure to help assist with sizing up your space requirements.

  • £6.00

    500mm x 10m bubble wrap roll, ideal for added protection for your more fragile belongings, such as china and smaller breakables.

  • £13.00

    750mm x 25m bubble wrap roll. Provides protection for your larger fragile belongings, ideal for wrapping items such as pieces of art, antiques or furniture.

  • £4.50

    100mm x 150m transparent roll. Ideal for keeping your goods in place during transport.

  • £4.70

    To help with the application of shrink wrap to your boxes and belongings. Suits 100mm roll.

  • £12.50

    400mm x 300m transparent roll. Keeps a safe grip on stacked boxes or items while being transported or stored.

  • £8.40

    35 litre strong and sturdy small plastic box and lid, ideal for items that may need more protection. Easy to stack.

  • £14.50

    80 litre strong and sturdy large plastic box and lid, ideal for heavier items that may need more protection. Easy to stack.

  • £3.70

    Single mattress-sized poly dust cover to protect your mattress from dust, dirt and debris.

  • £4.60

    Keep your mattress as good as new whilst in storage or transit with a king-sized poly dust cover.

  • £4.75

    Protect arm chairs from dust, dirt and debris with these poly covers.

  • £4.85

    Dust cover for 2/3-seater sofa, to keep your couch as good as new, and protected from dust.

  • £4.40

    Large dust cover ideal for covering and protecting your goods while in transit or storage.

  • £4.80

    Provide protection for the corners of frames and mirrors. Sold in packs of 4.

  • POA

    Various sized racking and shelving is available to buy or hire to ensure you get the most from your storage space.