Discover Alison’s Student Storage Journey with Xtra Space!


At Xtra Space we believe in being your trusted partner for student storage. We want to make students’ lives easier and more organised! Whether you’re heading home for the holidays, studying abroad or simply need more space, our student storage solutions are designed with you in mind.

With the help of Alison, a student currently using our student storage services, we have created a short video showing you how we made her student life easier!

Alison’s Journey

“Hi, my name is Alison and I’m in my final year of uni.

I’ve been using XtraSpace for the past few summers due to their convenient location in Belfast. When I first contact XtraSpace Ali was extremely helpful and helped me decide which unit size I needed.

During the move in process, it was very convenient to have trolleys and lifts to move some of my larger items. Because I’ve changed my accommodation each year, I was unsure of when I would have access to my new house at the start of the new term.

XtraSpace’s flexible storage options have made this move-in process hassle free as I could extend or cancel my storage terms easily to suit.

Overall I am extremely happy with the service XtraSpace has provided and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


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