Find out 4 ways storage can save you money when you own your own home!

Storage can save you money – Discover ways you can save money by renting storage when you own your own home!

Paying a small amount for self-storage with Xtra Space each month can save you money in the long term. Looking at your finances and monthly or weekly outgoings can help identify where you could reduce your bills.

So how can placing your belongings into storage save you money?

Downsize your home & save money. 

Most of us have an unnecessary number of belongings, we hoard possessions over the years and accumulate ‘stuff’ for the sake of it. All these items take up space in our homes, filling up rooms with belongings we never look at and barely use. So instead of filling room upon room in your home with ‘stuff’, clear it out & consider downsizing. You only need to pay for the space you need.

Living in a 4-bedroom home if you only need a 2-bed home is senseless as it is just costing you money. Save on rent or mortgage payments by living in the space you need and paying a smaller amount for a secure storage unit to store your excess belongings.

Protect your belongings in secure storage units. 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the means to store larger boxes of belongings, furniture, or equipment in our homes. Sometimes this can lead to our belongings being stored incorrectly and getting damaged in between uses.

Garden furniture left outside will deteriorate in our weather and baby accessories such as prams and car seats that take up room but might not be needed for a few years at a time can be a hindrance. Protect your belongings by renting a storage unit and accessing your belongings as and when you need them.

Long-term self-storage can save you money when you are moving abroad or planning a long trip.

If your work involves you regularly travelling abroad it might be hard to justify paying money towards rent or a mortgage for a Belfast-based property you don’t get to live in. If you have somewhere to stay on the nights or weeks that you are not travelling, why not reduce your bills by cancelling your rental agreement, selling or renting out your property?

Store your own belongings in a secure storage unit at Xtra Space for a fraction of the price and have access to them when you are home.

Renting storage takes the stress out of moving homes. 

If you are moving from one property to another and own boxes upon boxes, and car or van loads of possession; using professional movers to move homes in Belfast can become quite expensive and costly.

When renting a storage unit with Xtra Space all customers get a Free Collection service to transport their belongings from their homes to our Belfast-based storage facility.

You can also move smaller items using your own vehicle to our facility when it suits you, so if you are packing up your belongings over several weeks or months and don’t need access to them until you move into the new property – a self-storage unit at Xtra Space could be the answer to take the pressure off of the moving day.

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