4 ways to save money when renting a storage unit in Belfast if you are on a budget!

Renting a Storage Unit in Belfast? You need to know these four handy tips to save!

Renting a secure self-storage unit from Xtra Space NI doesn’t have to be another bill to worry about, with the rising costs of living we understand that people are looking at ways to reduce their monthly bills, save money and cut costs.

There are numerous ways to make renting a storage unit cost-effective, whether you need a short or long-term storage rental unit located close to Belfast, we have the perfectly sized unit, just for you.

Storage rental costs don’t have to be an expense you need to worry about, when it comes to picking the right storage unit you can approach it with two mindsets. You can look at getting a storage unit on a budget or look at how storage can save you money overall.

Share the rented space with friends & family living in Belfast. 

Only have a small number of belongings to store? Why not consider sharing the secure space with friends, family, or neighbours? If you live in a housing development or apartment in Belfast, it’s highly likely that your neighbours and friends locally may be lacking space as well. Have extended family that live close by and are also short on storage in their homes or don’t have garages and garden sheds. Consider renting a storage unit at Xtra Space together and splitting the cost between everyone.  Everyone gets more storage, but at a reduced price – it’s a Win, Win situation!

Don’t store unnecessary belongings in the storage unit!

The smartest way to get a storage unit on a budget or at the best possible price is to organise and sort through your belongings before placing them into storage. Our advice would be to get rid of junk and clutter first, donate and sell easily replaceable items and then box up and package away your belongings. Once you have done this you will be able to see exactly what you must put into storage with Xtra Space

Look for introductory offers for storage facilities in Belfast. 

When searching for a secure self-storage unit, there are so many options in Belfast. At Xtra Space we regularly have special offers and introductory prices available for new customers. Make sure to ask about current discounts and offers when viewing our storage units.

Only rent the space you need to stay within budget.

We suggest to all new customers that before you commit to a storage rental unit you should view the various storage unit sizes, we have available at Xtra Space. This will allow to see the actual space you are paying for and make sure that it is an appropriate size for your belongings. If you can’t visit our facility, we have an online size guide on our website that will help you decide which storage space will suit your requirements.

We think it’s fair to say that we could all do with a little extra space in our lives. Our personal and household storage units offer a stress-free, convenient and secure solution to all your storage needs. So, whether you’re moving house, renovating, moving abroad or simply decluttering, you can trust us to take care of your belongings. With a wide range of storage units, we can cater for your needs, large or small and our flexible terms mean you can stay as long as you like or for as little as one week. Contact us today to find out what units are available!

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