Self-Storage During the Winter Months 

Self-Storage During the Winter Months

Winter has arrived, seemingly out of the blue; temperature is noticeably shifting, which means it may be time to partake in some ‘winter cleaning. Coming into colder weather is a good time to think about what can stay and what can go, because creating more space for what’s important is never a bad thing (and that important thing could be a Christmas tree twice as big as previous years because you have room for it now.)  

Below are some ideas of how you could make the most of self-storage during the winter. (Kids: look away now.) 


Seasonal Equipment 

Barbecues. Sports equipment. Garden furniture. These are things that provide great enjoyment when the sun is out and it’s warm enough to step outside in less than five layers of clothing. However, when the evenings start to cool down, getting use out of these things can fall down the list of priorities until we’re just not able to use them at all.

Suddenly, they’re just taking up space. As well as this, harsher weather can be unforgiving to items such as these and can cause significant damage if not stored away properly. All is well and good, of course, until you realise you have no room to fit anything else inside your garage or garden shed.    

Self-storage could be a great idea for you if you’re running low on space. It’s a safe and dry option, that’ll be sure to keep your summertime possessions protected until it’s time to use them once again. 


Summer Clothes 

It’s easy to not realise how many clothes we have in our wardrobes until we stop wearing them for a few months. When the piles of t-shirts start to go untouched as the three woollen sweatshirts take their place, we suddenly see how much space is being taken up by things we’re not even currently wearing.  

Storing them away for a few months means they’re out of sight and out of mind. You’ll have more space for winter woollies, and you don’t have to commit to throwing anything away if you don’t want to.  


Hiding Place 

Christmas is coming. Those who have little ones at home know it’s one thing to worry about buying gifts, and another thing to think about where you can hide them all until the big day arrives. Putting them in self-storage means you don’t have to clear temporary space that you may be struggling to find, and you can relax knowing no surprises will be ruined.  

Storing in a self-storage facility offers flexibility, meaning you can store for as long (or as little) as you want, and you can free up room in your home without committing to throwing things away until you have the time to prioritise it.  

Self-storage is a safe, dry and flexible option. If you need some more space at home or want a temporary place to keep your belongings this winter, it may be the ideal place for you. 


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