The Benefits of Self Storage for A New Business

The Benefits of Self Storage for A New Business

Self Storage for a New Business

Self storage for a new business is a handy solution for a whole range of circumstances. They can be used for both business storage and personal storage. With Xtra Space being located close to Belfast City Centre, we find that businesses that are in the initial start-up phases find secure storage units extremely helpful!

Cost-effective, flexible, and convenient self-storage units can be hugely beneficial to new businesses as they get established and grow their company. Belfast-based businesses can enjoy all the benefits of using a self-storage unit to help their new venture succeed.

Reduced Overheads with New Business Self Storage

Short-term cash flow problems are one of the biggest reasons why new businesses fail in the first 12 months. Many start-ups are funded out of the owner’s savings, and start-up costs and ongoing overheads can very quickly become overwhelming.

If your business is based close to Belfast, a self-storage unit can be cheaper than renting or buying designated premises to store goods and equipment. When renting designated premises, a business will incur rates, utility bills, and other additional costs, whereas with Xtra Space, there are no hidden charges; all you will pay for is the cost of your self-storage unit and insurance to protect the value of your goods.

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Business Self Storage Belfast: When Running Your Business from Home

Running a business from home can help you save a lot of money, but not all homeowners in Belfast have the space to store stock in their own homes. There are only so many boxes that can be placed under the stairs and in the guest room. Large equipment, volumes of stock, and numerous products lying about your home can cause two main issues:

  • A cluttered and cramped home: This can be detrimental to a happy domestic life – your significant other might not be happy that the guest room can’t be used to host guests if it is overrun with stock.
  • Decreased business efficiency: With stock lying in every room in the house, it may be hard to keep an accurate record of what you have and what you have sold. Boxes may go unnoticed for months, and stock may become outdated.


By renting a self-storage unit from Xtra Space, you can deal with these problems. With units ranging in size from 10ft² to 200ft², Xtra Space can offer you an affordable solution if you are close to Belfast. Racking and shelving can be supplied to a business that wants to organise its stock into sections. Check out our previous blog on self-storage hacks for more tips.


Increased Efficiency with Self Storage for A New Business

The rise of e-commerce and consumers shopping online has seen changes in how quickly people expect to receive their orders. Having a quick delivery service can make a difference in whether your business is successful and keeps customers satisfied. At Xtra Space, you can rent a business self-storage unit and organise it so that your stock is clearly labelled and easy to identify. You could even set up a packaging table to process orders from your unit.


Cost-Effective Way of Dealing with Seasonal Variances Using Self Storage for a New Business

Many business types experience large variances in their workload depending on the season. As Belfast is a tourist destination, there are a lot of businesses that operate during the summer as it is a peak time for people visiting the city. Being located close to Belfast city centre, self-storage units at Xtra Space can be rented for exactly the required period, so if you need a few months over the winter, that can be arranged. Similarly, a shop owner wanting to store winter stock during the summer months can also benefit.

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Business Storage for Expensive Tools and Equipment

Many businesses will start up with the entire operation being run from a single van or their homes. While this is a great way of keeping costs down, it does leave business owners open to the potential theft of expensive equipment or home insurance not covering it because it is business-related. By storing your goods at Xtra Space in a secure self-storage unit, we can provide a highly secure facility that will ensure your goods, tools, and equipment are always safe.


Start Your Business on the Right Foot with a Self-Storage Unit

For those interested in self storage for a new business, the first few months and years are the trickiest. While a self-storage unit with Xtra Space can’t solve all your problems, it can go a long way to keeping your Belfast-based business operating efficiently and with minimum costs. Why not contact us today and find out more about how renting a self-storage unit might be the smartest business decision you make this year?

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