Garden Furniture Storage Solutions

Garden furniture storage for those of you thinking about how you are going to store your garden furniture and summer equipment over the autumn and winter seasons!

At Xtra Space we have a range of storage solutions that are stress free, convenient, and secure. No matter how much garden furniture storage you need we can cater for your requirements.

Garden Furniture Storage

The miserable weather that autumn often brings means it’s very unlikely that anyone is enjoying their garden furniture anymore and not everyone has garden furniture that can be left outside all year. Swapping hammocks for our sofas once again and eating meals inside is suddenly much more realistic at this time of the year.

There are many ways to protect your garden furniture from the rain and ways to storing garden furniture over winter from outdoor covers or the garage. But if garden furniture protection is a priority for you to preserve your furniture for next year and many years to come then renting a secure self-storage space is likely to be the best option for you.

There are numerous self storage companies in Northern Ireland but if you are wondering where to store garden furniture take a look at the personal storage solutions, we have at Xtra Space.

Putting all your garden furniture into self-storage means it’s protected from the elements for a few months, ready to go again in spring. Xtra Space are the best long term storage space for furniture in Belfast.

Barbecue Storage

Barbecues are one thing that shouldn’t be left outside over the autumn and winter months. Not protecting these can result in damage and rust and can often mean they are no longer usable the following year. Keeping your barbecue in storage means you’re guaranteed to have the same, shiny one when garden party season is once more upon us. A variety of storage unit sizes means if you only want to store your barbecue and no more, you won’t need to spend on space you don’t require allowing you to keep the cost of storage unit down.

Storing Summer Equipment

Summer is a time for getting back to our favourite hobbies that, in the autumn and winter, become more difficult to enjoy. Fishing, boating, cycling, golfing… the list is endless. However, with many of these activities comes a lot of equipment, especially if your family members all enjoy different things. Keeping them inside over the colder months means they’re taking up lots of space without being used very much. Things could end up being dropped, bumped-into and damaged because they’re suddenly in everyone’s way. Storing this equipment means you can get everything out of sight when it’s not being used, creating more efficient space in your home.

Our units are indoors, protected against pests and the elements and monitored by CCTV and alarms. You could also keep your gardening equipment with us so that everything is kept clean and dry until you next need it. Units are available from 10 sq ft, so you’ll be able to fit all your furniture and/or tools in your unit for just a few pounds a week.

An increasing number of households in Belfast are turning to self-storage at Xtra Space to store their belongings which are temporarily not in use.

4 Reasons why you should use Xtra Space for your garden furniture storage.


Great location offering a range of storage solutions, open 6 days a week while providing a flexible and friendly service.


Clean, safe, and secure facility with 24hr CCTV

Value for Money

Pay for the space you require with no long term commitments. Have the flexibility of increasing your garden furniture storage or summer equipment space or downsizing the space when needed.


With trustworthy, professional, and experienced staff on site at all times you can ensure that your belongings are safe and that you are getting the best storage solution that your money can buy!

Self-storage is a great way to keep your summer gear conveniently close, without cluttering your home!

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