6 common mistakes people make when using self-storage and how to avoid them using these self-storage hacks!

Self-storage is a simple and practical solution for many different reasons. From moving house to storing office paperwork, there’s an endless list of ways that self-storage can save the day.

However, there are various things you should think about, even after you’ve signed your contract, that will make your storage experience easier and much more pleasant.

Below is a list of mistakes often made when using a self-storage facility, and what you can do to avoid these by following these self-storage hacks.

The Mistake: Forgetting or not taking the time to label your boxes!

Xtra Space Self-Storage Hacks: Label your boxes with one or two keywords that describe the contents of each box.

Whether you are packing to go on holiday, packing to move out of your house into another property, packing up a room before a renovation, or packing up your office space because you have upscaled your business and need more room; packing and storing your personal or business belongings can be stressful.

Most of just want to get the job done, and our belongings into secure self-storage so that we don’t have to think about them for the foreseeable. We are all great at making lists of tasks we need to get done but what about a list of what is in each of your storage boxes?

Forgetting to label your boxes will only lead to inevitable chaos when moving out, or perhaps when you need to access your boxes for a particular item. Taking the time to label as you pack means you’ll save lots of time down the line.

You don’t need to go in-depth when you label your boxes – one or two keywords is more than enough. At Xtra Space, we have various a range of packing items in stock at our box shop, including heavy-duty permanent markers, packing tape, dust covers, and much more.


The Mistake: Choosing the wrong storage unit size for your belongings!

Xtra Space Hacks: Discuss your storage requirements with us and we can advise what storage unit would best suit your belongings!

Once you have identified what belongings you are placing into secure self-storage it is then time to decide what size storage unit you require and for how long. The size of the storage unit you rent will depend on a few things. We suggest to all our renters to think about the following:

  • How they are packing their belongings
  • If they will need access to any belongings on a regular basis
  • If they plan on putting more into storage during their rental period

Once you have considered this you can choose your storage unit – our most requested size is XX.

There is nothing worse than bringing your belongings to the self-storage facility at Xtra Space to find out that the unit you have rented doesn’t suit you. Easily done, and easier avoided.

If you can’t make it in to view our storage units before booking – check out our storage size guide which our customers find useful to help them decide. If you do end up needing a second storage unit we will offer a discount of 15% on any size and we allow you to upgrade your unit at any point in your rental agreement as long as we have availability!


The Mistake: Forgetting to arrange insurance before your move-in date!  

Xtra Space Self-Storage Hacks: Save the hassle of organising 3rd party insurance and let Xtra Space handle it for you!

At Xtra Space we have equipped our self-storage facility with an extensive amount of security features including CCTV to give you confidence in storing your belongings with us. We want your belongings to be as secure and safe as you do!

However, even with all of this, accidents can still happen at any facility, which is why taking out insurance is so important especially if the items you are storing are of high value. At Xtra Space, we won’t let you move your belongings into one of our storage units until you have shown us proof of insurance to cover the value of your belongings.

If you have home and contents insurance, check your policy as some policies include this in the small print! At Xtra Space, our insurance rates start at as little as £0.75p/week per £1000 worth of goods.


The Mistake: Not doing the research before choosing a new self-storage facility!  

Xtra Space Self-Storage Hacks: Read reviews, visit the facility, and get to know our staff! 

A quick Google search for ‘secure self-storage Belfast’ will give you numerous options on where you can store your belongings. Sometimes there can be too many options and it can all get a bit confusing. Deciding where to store your belongings doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated.

Not all self-storage companies offer the same level of facilities or amenities. When shopping around for an ideal storage solution, it’s a good idea to make a list of the things to look out for. Some of these could include:

  • What security measures are in place so I know my belongings will be safe?
  • Is the facility protected against dampness? What about rodents?
  • Can I access my belongings whenever I need to?
  • Does anyone else have access to my belongings?

Our advice would be to read our 4- and 5-star reviews left by our current or past customers. Take 20 minutes to call in and visit our facility, we can give you a tour and show you the different unit options and security measures in place.

Talk to our staff, we have a small team, but we care – customer satisfaction and keeping your belongings stored securely is our priority.


The Mistake: Filling your unit and forgetting to leave access space!  

Xtra Space Self-Storage Hacks: Leave some space in your unit for easy access to your belongings!   

In an ideal world, you’d bring your belongings to a self-storage facility, load up the unit to its full capacity, and not have to look at any of it again until it’s time to leave in a few months’ time.

Of course, it’s not always an ideal world; items you swore you wouldn’t need until you moved your goods out again and into their new home are now, in fact, needed.

This should be an easy situation to solve, only you haven’t left any room in the unit in anticipation of this happening. What could have been a quick in-and-out job is now you potentially have to remove a large amount of the belongings in your storage unit, find what you need, and put everything back inside again.

In larger units, we highly recommend creating an aisle down the middle of your belongings if you can, or at least dividing your possessions into sections to make your belongings easier to access, reach or find.


The Mistake: Poorly packing your unit!  

Xtra Space Self-Storage Hacks: Organise your storage unit when moving your belongings in!    

Not taking the time to organise your storage unit can lead to you not knowing where your belongings are and increases the potential of your belongings getting damaged if not stored correctly or stacked properly.

At Xtra Space we would suggest placing heavier boxes at the bottom or back of your unit, labeling fragile belongings with a marker or sticker, and if you need quick access to something regularly keeping it at the front.

All in all, self-storage is an easy process from start to finish, but things can always be easier. Paying attention to the points in this article will make using self-storage not only easy but a positive experience.

Our team at Xtra Space is happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have; the satisfaction of our customers is what matters the most.

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