5 Easy Tips For Storing Your Business Goods

5 Easy Tips for storing your business goods

Limited for space? Reduce the added stress and time spent finding additional room for your business goods. 

In an effort to better monthly costs and ensure flexibility, an increasing number of businesses within a wide range of industries are using self-storage facilities to store documentation or archives, stock, office furniture, tools, and equipment, etc. 


Self-storage facilities provide a clean, safe, and convenient environment for businesses so they can carry on with their day-to-day operations in the knowledge their goods are both out of the way and in safe hands. 

Not quite sure how it works? Follow these 5 simple steps to business self-storage:

1) What items should I store? 

Start by planning what items you need to keep on board and which items are suitable for storage. Ask yourself “will I need this today?”, if not, store it. 

2) How do I keep track of my goods? 

Create an inventory list of every item you wish to store.

This list will make it a lot easier to keep a track of your items, especially on longer-term storage where it may be a year or two between your visits to your storage unit.

3) What size do I need? 

It can be hard to visualise how much space you really need.

Our handy storage size guide will help you get an idea of how much you can fit into each size unit, units are priced depending on their size.

To obtain the best value for money there should be no space left when you have stored your items. 

4) What packaging materials should I use? 

Quality packaging materials (boxes/loose fill/tape) allow you to stack boxes higher within the unit and provide greater protection for your goods. 

Visit our Box & Packaging Shop to view our range of Boxes and Packaging materials available to buy in-store.  

5) How do I organise my unit? 

Think before you fill. Pack boxes with comparable items, categorise and name your boxes/packaging, and make sure the items which are going to be used more often are at the front, and easy to access. 

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Tips for storing your business goods

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